About us

Shoemakers since 1966, Palm Footwear is still a family-owned business and a proudly South African, SABS ISO 9001 certified company.

terraPOD is our safety addition to the Palm brand box. With terraPOD, our vision to create comfortable footwear for tireless artisans and breadwinners of the world has been realised.

Our Vision

To adhere to Palm’s semi century of trust and legacy in the footwear industry and champion these values into ushering the women and men of the world, safely!

Why Terrapod?

terraPOD safety footwear conforms to European safety standards and is correctly engineered in conjunction with leading podiatrists.

terraPOD footwear is ergonomically designed to offer unhindered freedom of movement, whilst maintaining the natural and functional movement of the foot, enhancing foot health, comfort and safety, whilst reducing fatigue.